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Ant farmers boost plant nutrition
Humans began cultivating crops about 12000 years ago. Ants have been at it rather longer. Leafcutter ants, the best-known insect farmers, belong to a lineage of…
Jun 24, 2019 23:59 UTC Science Read More

China's Increasing Wealth Is Changing the Way People Die
Chronic illnesses like stroke, heart problems and lung cancer became the top causes of premature death in China over the last three decades, according to a…
Jun 24, 2019 22:29 UTC Health Read More

Many International Visitors to View Solar Eclipse Next Month in Chile
The world's next total solar eclipse happens July 2 in northern Chile. Local officials say they expect more than 400000 visitors to travel to the area to get a…
Jun 24, 2019 21:56 UTC Science Read More

Human ashes, Legos and a sandwich: Strange things we sent into space
We've sent hundreds of things to space, from fun, to sentimental, to slightly bizarre. Here are a few of the most interesting.
Jun 24, 2019 21:39 UTC Science Read More

Cleveland Clinic performs its first in utero fetal surgery, making strategic move into prenatal care
The Cleveland Clinic completed its first in utero fetal surgery to repair a spina bifida birth defect, the first surgery of its type in northern Ohio.
Jun 24, 2019 21:24 UTC Health Read More

9 ways to squeeze the most out of this refreshed bull market
NEWSWATCH By MarketWatch MARKETWATCH FRONT PAGE The Federal Reserve’s investor-friendly stance on interest rates has infused this market with a serious dose of optimism. The Financial Samurai blog has some ideas on how to play it. See full story. A housing market slump could drive global growth to a decade low, economists warn Some ten years since the 2008-09 U.S. housing bubble, which sparked a global financial crisis, worries about the health of the global housing market persist. See full story. Good news for people who want to know the exact value of their Facebook and Google data ‘If yo...
Jun 24, 2019 20:59 UTC Personal-Finance Read More

Men's fertility irreversibly damaged by age of 18 thanks to Western junk food diet, study finds
Male fertility is being irreversibly damaged by a diet of western junk food by the time men reach 18, a study has found.
Jun 24, 2019 20:59 UTC Health Read More

New theory for trapping light particles aims to advance development of quantum computers
Quantum computers, which use light particles (photons) instead of electrons to transmit and process data, hold the promise of a new era of research in which the…
Jun 24, 2019 20:19 UTC Science Read More

Success! SpaceX’s ‘most difficult launch ever’ includes Cal Poly satellites, space sail
A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida will carry satellites tonight worked on by Cal Poly SLO students and aerospace…
Jun 24, 2019 19:28 UTC Science Read More

The Last Abortion Clinic in Missouri Could Be Closed By the End of the Week
The last abortion clinic in Missouri will stay open through Friday, but the clinic’s fate beyond that date is far from guaranteed. The Missouri health department declined to renew Planned Parenthood of St. Louis’ license to perform abortions last Friday. On Monday, Judge Michael Seltzer instructed the clinic to appeal the ruling to the Administrative Hearing Commission, meaning Planned Parenthood effectively has until Friday to make its case. If the clinic is forced to close, Missouri would become the first state since 1973, when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide, to be without an a...
Jun 24, 2019 19:20 UTC Health-Care Read More

Culture shapes how we learn to reason?
If you made any plans for next week, congratulations! You've demonstrated a key feature of being human: being able to think beyond the here and now—or,…
Jun 24, 2019 19:00 UTC Health Read More

Even the Flies Inside Hospitals Carry Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Image: Ferran Pestaña/Wikimedia Upwards of 90 percent of insects found in British hospitals carry potentially harmful bacteria, according to new research. Alarmingly, a significant portion of this bacteria is resistant to one or more antibiotics, highlighting a previously under-appreciated health risk—though the researchers caution that chances of infection are low. New research published last week in the Journal of Medical Entomology shows that nearly nine in 10 insects caught in British hospitals carried problematic germs, including potentially harmful bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella,...
Jun 24, 2019 18:44 UTC Health-Care Read More

What’s the Difference Between Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi, Neural Compute Stick, and Edge TPU Dev Board?
Raspberry Pi launched revolutionary computer building blocks for DIY makers. Think of Jetson Nano as the next step, providing AI for makers. Released in 2012, Raspberry Pi has established itself as the de facto DIY computer board for makers, students and educators alike. For just $35, it offers features like video and wireless communication for home-brewed drones and robots. More than 25 million Raspberry Pi units have sold worldwide, capturing the latter day DIY spirit of the Whole Earth Catalog, the publication that a half century ago touched a generation striving to understand and build…
Jun 24, 2019 17:58 UTC Computing Read More

Women’s Libido Drug Vyleesi Won FDA Approval, but Stock Investors Aren’t Happy
Shares of the two companies behind Vyleesi, the newly approved women's libido drug, tumbled Monday. Both AMAG Pharmaceuticals and Palatin Technologies…
Jun 24, 2019 17:58 UTC Health Read More

Commonly prescribed drugs are tied to nearly 50% higher dementia risk in older adults, study says
There was nearly a 50% increased odds of dementia among adults aged 55 and older in the United Kingdom who took a strong anticholinergic medication daily…
Jun 24, 2019 17:18 UTC Health Read More

Daily Deals: 17% Off When You Preorder Cyberpunk 2077
By Eric Song and IGN Staff Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this…
Jun 24, 2019 17:10 UTC Technology Read More

Medicalising everyday life doesn’t help anyone’s mental health
I have a growing sense of unease about the Americanisation of British society’s attitude towards mental health. In the 1980s, British audiences smiled bemusedly at neurosis-laden Woody Allen films and the normality with which American television and cinema treated notions of therapy, meds and interventions. To a British ear, the protagonists of these human melodramas could seem self-absorbed, foolish and narcissistic; figures of fun to be pitied for their inability to maintain a stiff upper lip and their ignorance of the power of a strong cup of tea. Yet now these are all concepts that have...
Jun 24, 2019 16:43 UTC Mental-Health Read More

The Importance Of Addressing Insecure Employment To Improve Population Mental Health
Economic insecurity arises from a fear of being exposed to adverse economic events from which an individual may have difficulty recovering. Adverse events.
Jun 24, 2019 16:42 UTC Jobs Read More

This glowing ring of light is from a distant galaxy
New instruments on telescopes are allowing us to look back in time at the early universe, when it was only a few billion years old, including spectacular rings of…
Jun 24, 2019 16:33 UTC Science Read More

Want a rocking sex life? Stop overeating
Certain bad habits can make your sex life go for a toss. Break them if you want to your bedroom performance to be outstanding. Juhi kumari | Updated: June 24,…
Jun 24, 2019 16:09 UTC Health Read More

Cocoa shells may help prevent obesity-induced insulin resistance
A study of immune and fat cells from mice found that cocoa shell extract can reduce and prevent some of the cell dysfunctions that can result from obesity.
Jun 24, 2019 16:02 UTC Health Read More

NASA to launch deep-space atomic clock that could transform space exploration
NASA is set to launch an incredible new atomic clock into orbit on a Falcon Heavy Monday (June 24) in a technology demonstration mission that could transform…
Jun 24, 2019 15:56 UTC Science Read More

Doctors Explain the Link Between Carbs and Belly Fat — and Which Carbs Are Healthiest
Carbs aren't the only cause of belly fat, but if you eat a lot of them, they can certainly play a role. "If you eat any type of macronutrient in excess,
Jun 24, 2019 15:49 UTC Health Read More

Limited Run Games To Release Physical NES And Game Boy Star Wars Cartridges
Get your orders in this week - During E3, physical indie publisher Limited Run Games teased what appeared to be a huge Sta...
Jun 24, 2019 15:44 UTC Technology Read More

A new way to pay for the single biggest expense in retirement
BEST NEW IDEAS IN RETIREMENT By Morey Stettner Older Americans increasingly opt for ‘continuing care at home’ plans or join programs that foster community support Illustration/Sam Island After surviving cardiac arrest in 2013, Martin Faga left the hospital to begin his recovery at home. It didn’t go smoothly. “It wasn’t clear what care or help I needed,” says Faga, 77. While his health improved over time, the retired chief executive of Mitre Corp., a nonprofit organization that runs federally funded research-and-development centers, knew he’d want more support if he needed in-home care agai...
Jun 24, 2019 15:23 UTC Health-Care Read More

Widely available antibiotics could be used in the treatment of 'superbug' MRSA
Some MRSA infections could be tackled using widely-available antibiotics, suggests new research from an international collaboration led by scientists at the…
Jun 24, 2019 15:00 UTC Health Read More

Alzheimer's missing link ID'd, answering what tips brain's decline
Years before symptoms of Alzheimer's disease appear, two kinds of damaging proteins silently collect in the brain: amyloid beta and tau. Clumps of amyloid…
Jun 24, 2019 15:00 UTC Health Read More

Commonly prescribed drugs could increase the risk of dementia, says a new study
Credit: CC0 Public Domain The study, carried out by experts from the University of Nottingham and funded by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research, found that there was nearly a 50% increased risk of dementia among patients aged 55 and over who had used strong anticholinergic medication daily for three years or more. Anticholinergic drugs help to contract and relax muscles. They work by blocking acetylcholine, a chemical that transmits messages in the nervous system. Doctors prescribe the drugs to treat a variety of conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bladder con...
Jun 24, 2019 14:59 UTC Health-Care Read More

The Anti-Aging and Acne-Fighting Ingredient That’s Missing from Your Skincare Routine
Niacinamide or vitamin B3 is an extremely effective skincare ingredient that can help treat acne, lighten dark spots, and improve skin texture. Find out how it…
Jun 24, 2019 14:42 UTC Health Read More

First-of-its-kind robotic arm works without brain implant
In a breakthrough move, researchers have developed a high-fidelity, noninvasive interface that allows users to control robotic arms with their minds.
Jun 24, 2019 14:03 UTC Health Read More

Samurai Shodown Review (PS4)
Two masters of the sword stand face to face in a field, blades unsheathed and eyes unblinking. A blood red moon hangs in the air, and the silence is deadly.
Jun 24, 2019 13:59 UTC Technology Read More

Lloyd’s Bank to be tested over help for customers with mental health issues
Lloyd’s Bank is set to be the first company to be tested against a charity's new set of standards that aim to help essential service providers give better support to customers with mental health issues. The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, founded by consumer champion Martin Lewis in 2016, is dedicated to breaking the link between mental illness and money problems. As part of a new initiative, the charity is reaching out to companies, such as those relating to banks, telecoms and energy, to help them understand and address the challenges people with mental health issues may face wh...
Jun 24, 2019 13:58 UTC Mental-Health Read More

U.S. turns to Mutombo to deliver Ebola message
Dikembe Mutombo has recorded radio and video spots designed to persuade people in Congo to take precautions to help battle one of the deadliest Ebola…
Jun 24, 2019 13:54 UTC Health Read More

Neurologist explains a new study that proves supplements for brain health offer no benefit
Americans and others around the world have turned increasingly to dietary supplements in order to maintain or preserve their brain health. A recent study found…
Jun 24, 2019 13:46 UTC Health Read More

These people left their jobs behind to retire early — then life got in the way. Here’s how they coped with FIRE plans gone wrong
By Maria LaMagna This is what happens when your plans for early retirement are derailed Alli and Matt Owen had $17,000 worth of cryptocurrency stolen. Courtesy of Alli and Matt Owen Gwen Merz, 28, is doing something she thought she’d never have to do again: hunt for a job. Earlier in her 20s, she set a goal to “retire” from full-time work at age 35, but she later decided to move that date up to 27. She wasn’t going to “retire” completely, but work flexibly after quitting her job. At that time, she planned to move to Minneapolis to be with her boyfriend. She saved more than $130,000 in a 401...
Jun 24, 2019 13:38 UTC Personal-Finance Read More

Forget retirement — focus on financial independence
BEST NEW IDEAS IN RETIREMENT By Maria LaMagna The FIRE movement is changing the retirement conversation Illustration/Sam Island One Seattle-area marketing professional told us she has mixed emotions about the word “retirement.” To her, it brings to mind a 70-year-old sitting in a rocking chair. Her retirement will be different. She plans to “retire” from full-time work in 2020 — when she’ll be 30 years old. She says she will spend her life traveling the world, starting in Australia and New Zealand. She goes by the moniker “A Purple Life” online, and doesn’t disclose her real name because it...
Jun 24, 2019 13:37 UTC Personal-Finance Read More


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