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Harvard Scientists Say Radiation From Black Holes Could Create Life
In the hunt for alien life, scientists often focus on the "Goldilocks zone", the region around a star where the temperature would be just right for liquid water to exist…
Jun 21, 2019 23:02 UTC Science Read More

KFC Adds New Cheetos Chicken Sandwich and Social Media Is Not Having It
KFC's latest, clearly unhealthy menu item is the Cheetos Chicken Sandwich, which instantly left many people on Twitter wondering why anyone needs it.Special…
Jun 21, 2019 22:26 UTC Business Read More

Android is unofficially coming to the Nintendo Switch, here’s a first look
Although there will likely never officially be Nintendo Switch Android support, that hasn't stopped a team of modders from making it happen.
Jun 21, 2019 22:26 UTC Technology Read More

If You Want Your Arms and Abs to Be Sore Tomorrow, Do This Workout
Strengthen your arms and tone your abs in just one workout. These 10 moves target the upper body and core, using a combination of bodyweight exercises and weights. It's fast-paced and intense, leaving your muscles burning. You'll definitely be sore tomorrow. Dumbbell Arm and Ab Workout Equipment needed: Pair of medium-weight dumbbells and a medicine ball (there's a modification below if you don't have one). Directions: Warm up with three to five minutes of light cardio, then complete three rounds of the below workout. Cool down with three to five minutes of stretching. Exercise Reps Wide bi...
Jun 21, 2019 22:04 UTC Fitness Read More

NASA’s first Astrobee robot is now flying around the ISS
Astronauts in the International Space Station have some flying robot company, with the first of three Astrobee 'bots taking flight. NASA dispatched two of the.
Jun 21, 2019 21:53 UTC Science Read More

After Trump’s sweeping tax reform, more Americans owed the IRS money and driving crappy car on the road to riches
PERSONAL FINANCE DAILY By Andrew Keshner Friday's personal finance stories Happy Friday MarketWatchers. Enjoy the first summer weekend and don’t miss these top stories: After Trump’s sweeping tax reform, more Americans owed the IRS money The first year under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was a rude surprise for many workers. The road to riches is this simple: Drive a crappy car Buying new cars is like taking $40,000 and setting it on fire. There may be a dark side to Summer Fridays More than half of organizations will let employees leave early or take the day off on Fridays this summer, a new s...
Jun 21, 2019 21:08 UTC Personal-Finance Read More

Researchers say younger generations growing 'phone horns' due to constant phone use
These days it's pretty hard to peel people away from their phones.
Jun 21, 2019 21:01 UTC Health Read More

U.S. Psychoanalysts Apologize For Labeling Homosexuality A Psychological Disorder
Psychoanalysts in the U.S. are apologizing for previously labeling homosexuality a psychological disorder, almost two weeks after the NYPD apologized for the…
Jun 21, 2019 20:59 UTC Health Read More

Is Altria's Cigarette Price Hike Really the Bullish Sign Analysts Think?
Cigarette giants' pricing power has always been one of their most attractive investment features, since the ability to raise prices while still retaining plenty of…
Jun 21, 2019 20:52 UTC Health Read More

Big US banks pass first round of Fed stress tests
Institutions deemed to be strong enough to weather a severe economic downturn.
Jun 21, 2019 20:43 UTC Business Read More

The headphones that beat out Bose are back on sale again
The Sony WH-1000XM3 outperformed the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II as the best noise-canceling headphones money can buy, and right now they're…
Jun 21, 2019 20:39 UTC Technology Read More

Researchers find a more reliable cancer detector than tech
Graciously, after years as a senator and vice president, Joe Biden has vowed to defeat cancer. once and for all. But only if he's elected President of the United…
Jun 21, 2019 20:01 UTC Health Read More

What Is an Ad Valorem Tax?
Taxes are the bane of many individuals and businesses, and some taxes are worse than others. Making things more complicated, some taxes are more arcane than others, too. So it goes with the ad valorem tax. What Is an Ad Valorem Tax? This tax, which is derived from the Latin term for "according to value," is a percentage based on an asset, commodity, product or something thing of value. Like virtually all taxes, the ad valorem tax is levied by the government, in this case, the state and local governments in the U.S. Government tax offices calculate the ad valorem tax based on a percentage of...
Jun 21, 2019 19:43 UTC Personal-Finance Read More

How Healthy Are Potatoes, Exactly?
Potatoes are delicious and couldn't be easier to cook, but are they healthy? We tapped a nutrition expert to find out — she shared why potatoes are an.
Jun 21, 2019 19:25 UTC Health Read More

No Benefit of Vitamin D for CVD Prevention
Despite observational data suggesting a protective effect, a meta-analysis of trials including more than 83000 participants finds no such effect of vitamin D…
Jun 21, 2019 18:58 UTC Health Read More

A new drug target for chemically induced Parkinson's disease
More than three decades ago, scientists discovered that a chemical found in a synthetic opioid, MPTP, induced the onset of a form of Parkinson's disease.
Jun 21, 2019 18:53 UTC Health Read More

Is Ghee Good For You? Clarified Butter
Some claim ghee, or clarified butter, is healthier than butter and say it has health benefits. Consumer Reports investigates whether ghee is good for you.
Jun 21, 2019 18:25 UTC Health Read More

5 Foods You Should Eat Daily to Prevent Cancer
Harvard researcher and physician, Dr. William Li, tells us what foods can actually reduce your risk for cancer. Plus, a one-day meal plan to help you eat more of…
Jun 21, 2019 18:17 UTC Health Read More

Injecting Dying Cells to Trigger Tumor Destruction
By directly injecting engineered dying (necroptotic) cells into tumors, researchers have successfully triggered the immune system to attack cancerous cells at…
Jun 21, 2019 18:15 UTC Health Read More

Over 300 cases of Hepatitis A confirmed in Louisiana, LDH says
BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Over 300 cases of Hepatitis A have been confirmed in the state of Louisiana since January, according to the latest count from the…
Jun 21, 2019 18:05 UTC Health Read More

Best Prime Day 2019 Fitness Tracker Deals
If you're wanting to get fit, you need some kind of tracker to ensure you're hitting your goals. There are many different offerings out there from a variety of brands like Fitbit, Samsung, Withings, Apple, and more. Because of this variety, it can be difficult to find the best product for the best price. However, there are a bunch of promotions and discounts out there right now so we've compiled only the top tier deals below so you know you're getting what you want for a great price. Best Fitness Band Deal $119.99: Fitbit Charge 3 If you want your fitness tracker in the form of a band, but…
Jun 21, 2019 17:49 UTC Fitness Read More

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Review Roundup
Here are all the scores from all the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled reviews.
Jun 21, 2019 16:57 UTC Technology Read More

Researchers find new mutation in the leptin gene
The global obesity epidemic is so far-reaching it now has an overarching name: globesity. Texas Biomed Staff Scientist Raul Bastarrachea, M.D., is part of a…
Jun 21, 2019 16:31 UTC Health Read More

Hubble captures elusive, irregular galaxy
This image shows an irregular galaxy named IC 10, a member of the Local Group—a collection of over 50 galaxies in our cosmic neighborhood that includes the…
Jun 21, 2019 16:28 UTC Science Read More

Scientists map huge undersea fresh-water aquifer off US Northeast
In a new survey of the sub-seafloor off the U.S. Northeast coast, scientists have made a surprising discovery: a gigantic aquifer of relatively *fresh* water trapped in…
Jun 21, 2019 16:28 UTC Science Read More

Mystery of immunosuppressive drug's biosynthesis finally unlocked
Mycophenolic acid (MPA), discovered in 1893, was the first natural antibiotic to be isolated and crystallized in human history. Today, this fungal metabolite has…
Jun 21, 2019 15:20 UTC Health Read More

I'm Sorry, Kate Beckinsale Is Doing Squats Over WHAT?
Well that's new. NBC - Getty Images - Kate Beckinsale shared a workout video on Instagram Friday of herself doing weighted overhead squats. - In the video, Kate is seen squatting over a toilet, that her trainer Gunnar Peterson put below the squat rack. - Kate, 45, is known to work out regularly, doing circuit training, cardio, and lots of abs workouts. Doing squats the right way can be tricky. But apparently Kate Beckinsale’s trainer seems to have a trick for helping his clients keep good form, and its...interesting. Kate, 45, shared a video on Instagram Friday of herself doing squats at th...
Jun 21, 2019 15:14 UTC Fitness Read More

NASA readies NUCLEAR FUSION-powered spacecraft for alien exoplanet hunt
NASA is exploring nuclear fusion as a way to power its space probes on interstellar missions towards alien exoplanets, the US space agency has announced.
Jun 21, 2019 15:10 UTC Science Read More

USB inventor admits that the plugs are annoying
In 1996, Intel released USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.0 and we have been annoyed ever since. National Public Radio spoke with engineer Ajay Bhatt who led the…
Jun 21, 2019 15:02 UTC Technology Read More

Pregnant women are overdoing it on folic acid and not getting enough of most other key nutrients
Pregnant women take prenatal vitamins to ensure they and their developing babies are healthy, but a third get too much folate and 10% are short on other…
Jun 21, 2019 14:59 UTC Health Read More

Mental Health And Technology On Campus A Productive Combination?
Each year, more than 20% of college students worldwide report a mental health disorder in the preceding 12 months. About 80% of these issues begin in high school, before matriculation, and can compromise young adults’ chances for completing college. Clinicians and researchers agree that addressing mental health issues early is best for recovery and long-term health, and yet many high schools and colleges remain ill-equipped to manage what seems like an increasingly symptomatic student population. Could technology be a part of the solution? The reasons we are seeing more mental health issues...
Jun 21, 2019 13:59 UTC Mental-Health Read More

Next-gen solar cells spin in new direction: Phosphorene shows efficiency promise
A nanomaterial made from phosphorus, known as phosphorene, is shaping up as a key ingredient for more sustainable and efficient next-generation perovskite…
Jun 21, 2019 13:09 UTC Science Read More

Possible signal pathway in the fight against obesity-related fatty liver disease identified
A research group from the Medical University of Vienna reports how the hormone leptin stimulates the liver to export lipids and reduce the fat production in the…
Jun 21, 2019 12:52 UTC Health Read More

Cancer-causing toxins were just found in foundation and sparkly makeup — here are 11 chemicals that could lurk in your lipstick, lotion, and eye powder
Even if you don't put on makeup every day, you could be exposed to toxic chemicals in soap, shampoo, and lotion.
Jun 21, 2019 12:39 UTC Health Read More

Gorgeous 'Atlas of Space' Smashes the Textbook View of the Solar System
In most maps of the solar system, you can expect to see the eight canonical planets (plus whatever Pluto is at the moment) trailing the fiery orange sun like polite…
Jun 21, 2019 12:24 UTC Science Read More

Meet the $80 smartwatch with 30-day battery life that’s converting Apple Watch owners left and right
The Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami is the greatest smartwatch you've never heard of. It packs tremendous features like GPS, all-day heart rate tracking, sleep…
Jun 21, 2019 11:55 UTC Technology Read More


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